HAF Fleet

fighters, bombers, UAVs, helicopters, anti-air systems and transporters

image of a Lockheed F-16C/D/V Block 30/40/50/52+/72 Viper
Lockheed F-16C/D/V Block 30/40/50/52+/72 Viper

State-of-the-art supersonic air superiority fighter armed with AIM-9 Sidewinders, AIM-120 AMRAAMs, AIM-2000s infra red guided, and AGM 88 anti-radiation missiles. It is also equipped with an AN/APG-83 AESA radar, and electronic warfare countermeasures.

image of a Dassault Rafale B/C F3R
Dassault Rafale B/C F3R

4.5 gen air supremacy fighter jet equipped with a SAGEM-OSF optronique secteur frontal IRIS-T system, a long-range RBE2-AA AESA radar and armed with 4 METEOR BVRAAM datalink missiles, 2 SCALP-EGs cruise missiles and AM-39 EXOCET blk 2 anti-ship missiles.

image of a McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II PI 2000
McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II PI 2000

Long range supersonic fighter bomber armed with an AFDS, CBU-58/71 bombs, Mk 36 Destructor bombs, AGM-65 G infra red, AGM-65 A/B guided missles and GBU-10-12-16 laser guided missles.

image of a Dassault Mirage 2000-5 Mk II
Dassault Mirage 2000-5 Mk II

Equipped with the Antilope 50 radar, the Damocles forward looking infra red and Thales RDY-2 synthetic aperture radar and armed with MICA EM/MAGIC-2 infra red active radar data link guided missles, ΑΜ-39 EXOCET anti-ship missiles and 2 SCALP-EG augmenting charge bombs.

image of a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

Soon to be equipped with a APG-81 AESA radar, AAQ-40 E/O targeting system and ASQ-239 Barracuda electronic warfare system and armed with a GAU-22/A 4-barrel rotary cannon, 2 ΑΙΜ-120 B active radar guided missles, 4 AIM-9 Sidewinder missles and 2 AGM-154 infra red bombs.

image of a Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C
Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C

Airborne early warning and control (Command & Control) aircraft fitted with an active electronically scanned array radar, anti-submarine warfare system and forward looking infra red system. Capable of data link & voice connections, ELINT intelligence gathering and EMCON.

image of a Lockheed C-130/H Hercules
Lockheed C-130/H Hercules

Military transport aircraft capable of transporting heavy payloads over large distances and takeoffs or landings on unprepared and unpaved runways. The Hellenic Air Force operates 2 C-130H EW variants used for electronic warfare and early warning and control.

image of a Alenia C-27J Spartan
Alenia C-27J Spartan

Military transport aircraft capable of transporting heavy payloads over large distances. It's maximum is payload weight is around 11,6 tons and features 2 Rolls-Royce AE2100-D2A turboprop engines wwith a combined thrust of 6,916 kW and a 1,759 km range.

image of a Lockheed P-3B Orion
Lockheed P-3B Orion

Fitted with a ASQ-81 magnetic anomaly detector, a AN/APS-115 maritime surveillance radar and AN/APS-137D(V)5 inverse synthetic aperture search radar. The Orion is also armed with Mk 46 Mod.5 torpedoes and Mk 55 naval mines for optimal submarine hunting and naval surveillance.

image of a Sikorsky SH-70B6/MH-60R Aegean Hawk
Sikorsky SH-70B6/MH-60R Aegean Hawk

Multi role helicopter used for anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. Equipped with a pneumatic sonobuoy launcher, a magnetic anomaly detector and forward looking infra red. Armed with MK-46 torpedoes and AGM-119B/AGM-114M guided missles.

image of a Boeing CH-47 Chinook
Boeing CH-47 Chinook

Twin engine heavy-lift transport helicopter extenively to transport extremely heavy payloads over large distances. It features 2 Lycoming T55-GA-714A turboshaft engines with a combined power output of 7,458 kW. The CH-47 can achieve speeds of up to 170 knots.

image of a Boeing AH-64A/D Apache Longbow
Boeing AH-64A/D Apache Longbow

Twin turboshaft attack helicopter featuring target acquisition and designation, a night vision system, infra red countermeasures, a thermographic camera as well as a helmet mounted display. Armed with AGM-114 guided missles and Hydra 70 rocket pods.

image of a Bell OH-58D Kiowa
Bell OH-58D Kiowa

Armed military helicopter used for observation and reconnaissance over the battlefield. It is armed with Hydra 70 rocket pods and AGM-114 guided missles. The craft is also fitted with a thermal imaging and laser range finder/designator system as well as a passive wire strike protection system.

image of a NHIndustries NH90 TTH
NHIndustries NH90 TTH

Multi role utility military helicopter primarily used for tactical transport fitted with a full fly-by-wire system, infrared suppression system, wire strike protection system, forward looking infrared, helmet mounted display. The NH90 possesses the lowest radar signature in its class.

image of a Eurocopter AS332C1 Super Puma
Eurocopter AS332C1 Super Puma

Multi role utility helicopter primarily used for combat search and rescue and medical evacuation. The helicopter is equipped with a forward looking infrared, Omera search radar and a sonar system. The Super Puma has a maximum speed of 150 knots.

image of a IAI Heron TP
IAI Heron TP

Long endurance unmaned combat aerial vehicle capable of operations of up to 30 hours when fully armed. Armed with SPIKE NLOS anti-tank guided missile with a maximum range of 25km, the Heron TP has a service ceiling of 46,000 feet.

image of a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper
General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper

Unmaned combat aerial vehicle with the a maximum payload of 1,700kg and a maximum speed of 260 knots. It can be armed with up to 8 AGM-114 ATGMs or 4 GBU-12 laser guided bombs. The MQ-9 also features an AN/DAS-1 MTS-B electro-optical targeting system, AN/APY-8 Lynx II radar, SATCOM and autonomous flight.

image of a IAI Heron
IAI Heron

Long endurance reconnaissance unmaned aerial vehicle capable of operations of up to 52 hours. Equiped with a airborne ground surveillance, thermographic, COMINT and ELINT systems while capable of target acquisition and artillery guidance.

image of a SAGEM Sperwer
SAGEM Sperwer

Short range reconnaissance unmaned aerial vehicle capable of sending back images of enemy infrastructure to it's base as well as targeting artillery fire. The Sperwer has a 5 hour endurance.

image of a HAI Pegasus II
HAI Pegasus II

Long endurance over-battlefield reconnaissance and intelligence surveillance unmaned aerial vehicle also capable fo ELINT. The Pegasus has a 15 hour range and can easily operate over the battlefield.

image of a MIM-104 Patriot PAC-3
MIM-104 Patriot PAC-3

Remotely controled SAM with a 150km range. Capable of intercepting up to 9 ballistic, tactical, cruise missles or aircraft at a time. It can be armed either with MIM-104D/B SOJC or MIM-104A supersonic 90kg warhead missles. It is also equipped with a AN/MPQ-65 AESA long range radar set.

image of a S-300 PMU1
S-300 PMU1

HSAM capable of protecting a large area by intercepting up to 4 fighter jets or ballistic, tactical, cruise missles at a time at a range of 120km. It is equipped with RSR and SSR radars and armed with 4 long range 48Ν6Ε TVM 150kg warhead missles per launcher.

image of a Skyguard VELOS
Skyguard VELOS

Short range, all-weather, air defence system composed of 4 RIM-7M Sparrow missile launchers, 4 twin 35mm Oerlikon GDF guns, a SUPER GIRAFFE search radar and 2 SKYGUARD track radars. The VELOS can engage up to 6 targets a time at a range of 19km.

image of a Crotale NG
Crotale NG

Infra red differential ecartometry short range anti-ship and anti-aircraft system armed with VT-1 supersonic 18kg warhead missles and equipped with a S-band pulse doppler radar and Ku-band TWT tracking radar. Thermal camera, CCD camera and IR Localizer are fitted for optimal missle interception.

image of a TOR M1

High accuracy short range SAM caplable of destroying airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles, precision guided munitions, UAVs and short range ballistic threats. Armed with 4 15kg warhead radar controlled proximity fuzed missles. Capable of intercepting up to 2 targets simultaneously.

*this list includes equipment belonging to the Hellenic Navy and Hellenic Army